• Organic Irish Sea Moss Powder (Chondrus Crispus) 900 mg. This is the purest Irish Sea Moss available on the market! We’ve optimized the dose size to make it as effective as possible while avoiding bad tastes or weird after effects!


  • Organic Bladderwrack Powder (Fucus vesiculosus)  500 mg. To add to the incredible power of Irish Sea Moss, we’re adding 500 mg of Organic Bladderwrack which is another seaweed on the red-brown spectrum with a long history of being used in ancient medicine and traditional diets. This is the PERFECT complement to Irish Sea Moss.


  • Organic Burdock Power (Arctium lappa) 100mg. Finally, we add just 100 mg of Burdock Root powder which is another powerhouse antioxidant with all sorts of amazing benefits.   



That’s it.

There are LITERALLY just 3 ingredients in our Irish Sea Moss supplements.

Because of the amazing power of Carrageenan as a binder everything is all organic, GMO-free, and passes the highest of purity tests